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I recently purchased a background stand and black background material, so I can shoot against black and my friend Ryan happened to come over and he agreed to doing a quick creative male portrait photo shoot.  I told him to do some yoga poses and this was warrior one but you couldn’t tell for his […]

This is a sample of a fashion portrait photo shoot I had with Dale M.whom I met on set at ‘Total Recall’ in the summer.  Though this is the second time he’s done a shoot, he was really easy to work with and he doesn’t consider himself a model but he has a lot of […]

I hope you or your child’s back to school experience was wonderful and hope you have a great rest of the school year. This is a portrait of Gabrielle on our day in Brooklyn. I thought this child headshot was perfect for back to school for her T-shirt says it all. She is wearing my […]

I really like taking toddler portraits for they are full of energy and fun to be around.  I realized this while taking my nephews portraits.  I look at my photography archive and realize how quickly kids grow up and just want to capture those moments.

One of my friends, Roxanne, approached me to retake her real estate agent headshots for she changed her hair style drastically since her last portrait.  These photos will be used on her business cards, promotions, and marketing material.